KONDOR Launches ‘KONIVERSE’: An Integrated Online and Offline Benefits System

28 Feb 2024

KONDOR Launches ‘KONIVERSE’: An Integrated Online and Offline Benefits System

- Web 3.0-based NFT Market and Distribution

- Building an Integrated System Across Cultural Sectors

Blockchain venture company KONDOR announced on the 28th the launch of their Web 3.0-based integrated online and offline benefits system, 'KONIVERSE.'

KONDOR has been providing a variety of blockchain solutions and services based on its proprietary KONET Mainnet and infrastructure. KONDOR has developed KONIVERSE, an integration of multi-digital asset blockchain payment platform KONPAY, NFT marketplace KONMARKET, and low-cost online shopping mall KONSTORE.

The launch of KONIVERSE focuses on the significant expansion of the KON ecosystem and improving user accessibility to services through integrated solutions. KONIVERSE will expand and develop the KONET Mainnet ecosystem by transitioning from a PoA (Proof of Authority) method to a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm. Key upgrades include Genesis Block updates, activation of mechanisms like EIP-1559, network fee burning and reserve pool operations, and deployment of PoSDAO contracts. Additionally, KONIVERSE will introduce new technologies and protocols. The detailed roadmap for the year includes the release and commercialization of KONPAY 2.0 with improved UI/UX and new features, expansion of KONIVERSE solution commercialization regions, and entry into the global market.

Moreover, KONIVERSE is dedicated to creating a secure trading and payment environment for digital assets while expanding the Web 3.0 ecosystem. The platform introduces stringent security guidelines and enhances user data protection, ensuring the safety of users' information and digital assets. KONDOR’s CEO, Cha Se Young, stated, "A reliable and secure ecosystem based on trustworthy systems and solutions is essential for generating stable profits. KONIVERSE will combine payment, commerce, and market services with various content such as tourism, exhibitions, sports, and performances to achieve optimal synergy."

For more detailed information and updates on KONIVERSE, please visit KONIVERSE’s official social media channels on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Medium, and Naver Blog.

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[콘돌, 온·오프라인 혜택 통합 시스템 ‘콘니버스’ 출범 ]_ 매일경제 (2024.02.28)


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