KONDOR Completes Major Update to Multi-Digital Asset Payment Platform 'KONPAY'

29 Apr 2024

KONDOR Completes Major Update to Multi-Digital Asset Payment Platform 'KONPAY'

Blockchain venture company KONDOR has announced the completion of a substantial update to its multi-digital asset payment platform, KONPAY, on the 22nd.

The update introduces four key features: management of multiple digital assets, offline payment capabilities for multiple digital assets, global payment support through Mastercard, and a comprehensive suite for handling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that includes issuance, deposit, withdrawal, storage, and management.

Users can now easily manage all their digital assets with a single switch button, without extra steps, allowing for seamless integration and one-stop management of their holdings. Moreover, the update utilizes blockchain technology to address issues of price volatility, supporting real-time payments across multiple digital assets.

By obtaining a Mastercard, users will be able to make purchases at Mastercard-affiliated merchants worldwide and withdraw cash from ATMs. The update also includes an 'NFT Integrated Solution' that supports all aspects of NFT management from issuance to maintenance.

Cha Se Young, CEO of KONDOR, stated, "The current digital asset storage and usage environment lacks convenience and leads users to waste time and resources navigating through fragmented information and systems across platforms. KONPAY is designed to address these issues by providing a secure payment solution in the blockchain and digital asset environment, aiming for continuous growth as a platform."

In addition, KONPAY currently offers barcode payment services for major digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT), along with its own payment token, KON. The platform also continues to engage actively within the blockchain ecosystem, having joined 'Project Dragon', an integration initiative by 'Klaytn' and 'Finschia', as an ecosystem partner of the Finschia Foundation in September.

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